My name is Mark Resendes and I'm a Journeyman, Red Seal and Certified Master Electrician in the Edmonton Alberta Area.  

I've been an electrician for over 11 years now and have intentionally become proficient in as many areas of the electrical industry as possible.  I never want to be a commercial electrician, or a residential electrician - I'm a professional electrician that can do it all.   

If you browse through my projects, you'll see the wide range of jobs I've been on throughout my career.  All of the pictures are from projects that I was involved in a leadership capacity from Sub-Foreman to General Foreman, to Private Electrical Contractor.  Feel free to check out my resume, and my current valid safety certificates.

I'm currently working on all sorts of projects including new build custom homes, service upgrades, basement developments, home renovations, commercial tenant improvements, industrial service calls and home automation.

If you are looking for an Electrician, contact me anytime!